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Desire to Improve as a Core Value

Desire to Improve as a Core Value

At Mid-Land Enterprises, we put a lot of emphasis on our core values. They are the guidelines for our decision making and they dictate the direction of all of our daily efforts. In our last blog about our core values, we highlighted
our number one core value – Safety. We are highlighting another one of these values here – the Desire to Improve.

The Desire to Improve is something that drives us every day at Mid-Land Enterprises. If we are going to grow as individuals and as a company, we have to take a look at ourselves, be honest about what we see, and develop the areas that need attention. Only then will we truly be able to improve.

This holds true through every part of Mid-Land. As leaders we must set the example and be proactive in critically evaluating ourselves first, and then the team. It requires that we communicate our expectations to the team in a way that is clear and concise. We can’t make this work alone – our team must be committed to the efforts of the company and implement necessary changes willingly. Each person must be willing to be flexible and open to positive change, even if it is inconvenient or uncomfortable at first.

At work we participate in professional and skills training on a regular basis. As a team, we are constantly learning about and implementing new technologies to improve the way we do things and make us more efficient. 

“For example, we have implemented ‘mobile field time capture’ to improve timing and accuracy. We have produced a lead and follow-up sales tool to ensure we are targeting the right potential customers. And we have incorporated apps for asset tracking to improve visibility and minimize inefficiencies.” says the Chief Financial Officer at Mid-Land, Dustin Campbell.

We also pursue this goal in our personal lives by militantly seeking growth as individuals. The Desire to Improve isn’t just about us – it’s about the lives of others around us – at home or wherever we are. We challenge ourselves to rise above life’s complications and to always give our best.


Dustin continued to speak on the impact that this desire to improve has on others when applied to areas outside of work. 

“We volunteer in our community to open our eyes and help us keep perspective. To serve and to improve the lives of others is the cornerstone of our business.” 

We strive to be the ones that inspire others to also observe their short comings and work towards their own personal improvement. The perspective and attitude we carry with us has a significant impact on those around us. At Mid-Land, we choose to recognize and celebrate how truly amazing it is when that impact is positive.