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5 Benefits of Job Site Cleanliness

5 Benefits of Job Site Cleanliness

Job sites are busy. When you have multiple workers from different contractors working together on several different operations it can, and does, quickly create quite a mess. Disorder like this poses potential hazards to workers and, if left unchecked, can create larger issues that are much more difficult to correct.

Poor job site maintenance can lead to accidents by hiding hazards that cause injuries. If the presence of waste, debris, and clutter is accepted as normal and poor housekeeping becomes habit then more serious safety hazards will also eventually be seen as acceptable.

Messy Jobsite

Commitment to safety should always be your top priority on the job site. But safety hazards aside, there are many other reasons that you should maintain a clean job site. 

1. ) Work Space

Clean job sites allow for workers to move around more freely and provide them with the space they need to properly do their jobs. When things are cluttered, workers have to maneuver their way through the mess in order to do even the most routine tasks. 

2.) Safety

Clean job sites are safer, making employees feel more comfortable and secure while working. By eliminating trip and fall hazards, workers can do their jobs without the fear of accidentally hurting themselves.

3.) Standard of Operations

Clean job sites create a standard of how things should operate and show your employees that you care about their well being. Clean up isn’t enjoyable. So naturally, if allowed, it gets pushed aside. But if cleanliness is the standard, you’ll create a positive habit of clean up in all your employees. 

4.) Client Satisfaction

Clean job sites have a better aesthetic, which looks better to the client. It creates a sense of pride among employees and peace of mind for the client.  

5.) Employee Morale

When things are a mess it makes problems look larger and projects seem longer. With just a little effort towards cleanliness, your job site will be a much more enjoyable place to work. Clean job sites create a better work environment and improve overall employee morale.

While OSHA regulations require that each job site be cleared of debris at the end of each work shift, to fully understand the benefit of a clean workplace, we recommended that your job site is maintained throughout the course of each workday.

Organized Job Site
The benefits of job site cleanliness far exceed the small additional effort required to maintain it. A clean and safe job site is a more productive job site, and a more productive job site means a more profitable project. 

Now that you have every reason to keep things clean, all you need is to execute it.
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