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Committed and Quality Driven as Core Values

Committed and Quality Driven as Core Values

When Kenny Neal started Mid-Land Enterprises, he did so based on a set of incredibly strong core values and a mission of undeniable excellence. To Kenny these core values were not simple busy work. They were the driving force behind his vision and guided him on his mission to meet and exceed industry standards.

Today, Mid-Land Enterprises has grown substantially, our knowledge and expertise has been refined and it has created a reputation for us in our community that we are very proud of. As we continue to learn and grow, it is important that each new team member is taught to understand the underlying principles upon which the company was built.  

CEO, Kenny Neal, offers some insight on two of our core values that set us apart from the rest.


“The dedication and loyalty we give to our family and profession”.

At Mid-Land, this is how we define what it means to be committed. We practice this in everything we do. Commitment to us is more than just finishing something we’ve started. It means commitment to one another, commitment to our work, commitment to our clients and commitment to our core values. The success (or failure) of our organization is dependent on our motivation and our motivation is defined by our commitment to our vision. When we are committed to what we are doing, our customers see it. In turn, it creates a strong relationship in which they are committed to us as well.

When asked about being committed and it’s effect on Mid-Land’s success, CEO Kenny Neal had this to say:

“To me, being committed means that you are 100% on board. You have to first understand that every decision you’ve made has brought you to where you are, and then remain committed to your decisions in the future. Our commitment to our decisions is what has lead us to success. It takes dedication and loyalty to stay committed, which very well describes our team here at Midland Enterprises.”

“Our customers see how committed our team is every time we show up. Each project starts and ends with a commitment to safety and is completed by honest and professional team members who are committed to delivering quality. Every time I see high customer satisfaction, It tells me that our team is committed to our clients.”

Quality Driven

In our core values, we define the trait of being quality driven as “the attributes and characteristics by which we are measured based on our customer and team member satisfaction”.

If we want to be seen by our community as the best at what we do, it is only achievable through the quality of our work. When we are driven by quality it provides a clear standard for the finished product of our work. Being quality driven reaches beyond the nature of our work. It defines how we communicate, the way we view our relationships, and how we implement new practices.

Being driven by quality is the reason for our reputation and will continue to be how we set ourselves apart.