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Why Workplace Safety Matters: 4 Incidents Too Close for Comfort

Why Workplace Safety Matters: 4 Incidents Too Close for Comfort


While OSHA safety regulations and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can often feel like a burden, when was the last time you gave some thought to their importance?

Here, at Mid-Land Enterprises, we are advocates of workplace safety and are committed to not only providing our employees with a safe work environment, but are dedicated to teaching our teams about the value of staying SAFETY FOCUSED while on the job. 

When working in a field as dangerous as construction there is no room for complacency when it comes to workplace safety. However, sometimes it is all too easy to become comfortable and take safety regulations and equipment for granted.

At Mid-Land, we want to remind everyone just how important safety regulations and equipment are for not only preventing accidents, but saving lives. If you have recently been going through the motions on the job and simply need a reminder of the importance of OSHA safety protocols and PPE then check out these 4 incidents that were way too close for comfort.


Head Protection

Hard hats are designed to protect against flying or falling objects that would otherwise impact or penetrate the worker. They should be worn at all times while on site and be well-fitted. Hard hats that are too large or too small are inappropriate for use and increase the risk of injury. Always make sure to check the expiration date on your hard hat as they do expire and become less effective over time. 



Eye & Face Protection 

Eye and face protection are equally as important as head protection. Safety goggles, spectacles, and full face shields can give you the protection needed from debris on construction sites, as well as protect against flying objects such as broken saw blades or ricocheting materials. Different jobs call for different types of eye and face protection so always make sure the type of protection you are using is correct for the work you are performing. 


Respiratory Protection 

Respiratory protection is necessary on sites where toxic substances are present. Often these substances are invisible to the naked eye, but can cause permanent respiratory impairment if inhaled. Respiratory protection like respirators are designed to protect you from dust, fumes, paint spray, pesticides and other dangerous substances found on site. Make sure that all respiratory equipment is labeled and titled properly. 


 Hand & Skin Protection

Construction jobs require a lot of use from the hands, which means that the risk of exposing your hands to injury is increased. To help reduce risk, wearing gloves is essential when working on site and can help you avoid the hazards involved when working with chemicals, glass, sheet metal, electricity, or hot materials. Gloves are rated for the type of work you are performing so make sure to understand what glove rating you need for the job. 

At Mid-Land Enterprises our number one value is staying SAFETY FOCUSED and a large part of that comes from having an organized job site. Are you doing all you can to ensure your employees’s safety? If you are interested in more information about job site safety and organization, download our free Proper Job Site Maintenance Checklist.

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