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5 Solid Reasons Metal Buildings Are a Sound Investment

5 Solid Reasons Metal Buildings Are a Sound Investment

If you’re a contractor, business owner, or weekend hobbyist in need of expanding your usable indoor space eventually you’ll come to a crossroads when determining what type of building is best for you.

This is an important step in the decision-making process because not only do you want the most bang for your buck, but also want the assurance that you made the best possible investment for your future.Most prospective builders all want the same qualities; something that is cost-effective, low maintenance, energy efficient, versatile, and will pass the test of time. Metal buildings not only check off all of these boxes, but additionally only require half the build time as traditional construction.  

Whether your hobby has outgrown your garage, you have expensive equipment that requires protection from the elements, or you need more space for your growing business operation, consider all the benefits that come along with metal buildings:


Unlike traditional construction, prefab metal or steel buildings are pre-engineered and designed at the manufacturing plant, making it a quick and painless construction process. Once constructed, the durability of the metal ensures that the building will retain its value through the years, adding to the resell price of your property if the time ever comes. Also, if you ever want to increase your building space it is easily expandable with the simple removal of an endwall, saving you thousands in remodeling fees. To top it all off, because of the natural resistance metal buildings have to wind, snow, hail, fire, and other natural threats they are typically cheaper to insure and save you a fortune by lowering your upkeep costs.

Low Maintenance

Speaking of low upkeep costs, metal buildings require very little structural maintenance since they do not rot or organically deteriorate, keeping your future costs minimized. Also, metal buildings do not support the growth of either termites or mold, reducing the need to treat them with expensive chemicals. However, like all things man-made, metal buildings still require a little TLC every once in a while in order to perform at their best. Thankfully, these tasks are minimal and require little time to complete. See our professional tips on how to keep your metal buildings in tip-top shape.

Energy Efficient

With rising energy costs having a more energy efficient building is a huge advantage for you and your budget. When insulated properly, metal buildings allow for much better insulation than traditional buildings. This enhanced energy efficiency can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills. 


From carports and custom awnings to storage facilities and commercial-scale warehouses, metal buildings are not only customizable with aesthetically pleasing options, but also can accommodate and meet any of the unique spatial needs you may have. Since there are no interior columns, the interior layouts are much more flexible than a traditional building’s, allowing for plenty of uninterrupted room. Along with this, there are endless width and length extension options to make any future remodel an easy, efficient, and cost-effective process.


Perhaps, the most well-known qualities of metal buildings are their durability and longevity. From strong winds and torrential downpours to snowstorms and even earthquakes, metal buildings have a superior strength-to-weight ratio and can withstand some of the toughest elements that Mother Nature throws their way. Because of this, steel buildings can handle a wide range of environments and climates and will last you a lifetime.

Thinking of making a metal building your next big investment? At Mid-Land, we’ve been building, repairing and maintaining metal buildings since 1999. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.

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