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What can Mid-Land Millwright do for you?

What can Mid-Land Millwright do for you?

What can Mid-Land millwright do for you? What do millwrights do in general? If you aren’t certain of the answers to these questions, w
e’d like to take a few minutes and help you out. We won’t be surprised if it turns out that millwrights are capable of tackling more than you realize. Let’s get started.

Equipment Installation and Removal

Skilled millwrights can install, relocate, remove or replace any piece of equipment or machinery. Parts can be massive. Maneuvering them requires the use of high capacity boom trucks and carry deck cranes. They coordinate with crane teams to maneuver and install large pumps, valves, fans, rollers, turbines, rotors and more. 

Equipment can weigh more than 20 tons and special training is required for millwrights to accurately assess the load bearing capabilities of the parts they are moving. It takes extensive training, skill, and experience to install or remove it without causing damage to those involved or the machinery itself.

Machine Assembly, Maintenance, and Repair

Millwrights can determine work procedures and scopes of work for assembling, maintaining, or repairing your pumps, extruders, turbines and other precision equipment. Putting complicated machines together is no small feat. Even massive equipment has incredibly small parts that have to be put together in the right order with hand and power tools.

Who performs regular preventative maintenance tasks at your facility? Taking care of your equipment while it is operational is the best type of insurance you can buy. Especially with machines that run 24/7, it is critical to regularly verify that things are properly cleaned, ventilated, lubricated, sealed, aligned, tightened and more. Spotting problems early can prevent costly downtime situations. Learn more about the benefits of proactive maintenance.

Mid-Land Millwright offers 24hr service calls because we know that the hours count when you have non-functional equipment and that can be very costly to your business. If something does break down, you need someone on site to troubleshoot your situation on extremely short notice. If you need replacement equipment or repairs have to be done, an expert millwright can evaluate the problem and create a plan to get you back online as quickly as possible.

Welding and Fabrication

Of all the skills a millwright has to have, welding is arguably the most important. Complicated repairs often require a mastery of difficult welding scenarios. If the surfaces being bonded contribute to structural integrity, it is imperative that the work is done by someone who has experience and understands excellence. Mid-Land’s millwright team features AWS 6G certified welders that are qualified to install all positions for stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel for your industrial and food processing needs.

Interested in becoming a millwright? Welding is a great place to get started.

Beyond welding, our state-of-the-art machine shop is equipped and certified to provide full-service fabrication and machining to fulfill your special needs and help you quickly accomplish your goals. 

More about Mid-Land and the services we offer

Click below to view our PDF flyer of available services. When the job is too complicated or risky for your in-house team to address, call Mid-Land Millwright. Our team stands ready to perform maintenance, repairs or modifications for your equipment or machinery when you need it.


  • 24 hr. Service Calls
  • 6G Certified Welding
  • Full-Service Fabrication
  • Metal Forming
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Pipe Welding
  • Pulsed-Arc Transfer
  • Sanitary Welding
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication


Our millwright team has been trained extensively and is dedicated to the highest standard of workplace safety. These things have earned us a reputation of dependability and trust with our clients.