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We use the 5s Organization Strategy

We use the 5s Organization Strategy, and you should too.

At Mid-Land Enterprises, our work could bring us to your business. We may be completing routine maintenance or building an all new addition to your facility. We know it’s true – any unusual activity will distract your regular employees from their day-to-day operations. The size of the job doesn’t really matter.Because of this, we use a special system called the 5S Workplace Organization Method. This system makes it easier for us to work with minimal interruption to the staff on site. The 5S method reduces waste and optimizes productivity – for us and for you.

Let’s talk about the importance of Sorting

Sorting is the first pillar of 5S organization. “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” is our mantra as we bring our tools into your facility. Sorting your tools and equipment will save time and space. It will also expose annoyances in your work-flows. If a tool you use often is not always easy to get to, you should change that. Many small changes can result in a dramatically more efficient day of work – for all involved.

As with any great idea, execution is key. Once execution starts, however, consequences must follow if things are neglected or start to fall through the cracks again. Any great organization method will stand the test of time if the rewards and losses are clearly defined and fairly measured.

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