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A CEO's Perspective on Using Core Values in Team Building

A CEO’s Perspective on Using Core Values in Team Building

Once upon a time I started Mid-Land Enterprises based on incredibly strong core values and a mission of excellence. Core values and mission statements to me are not simple busy work. They set the course and communicated my vision to meet and then exceed the standards in this industry. With these guiding principles carefully outlined, I was able to clearly communicate my vision and bring along key players who committed to the same level of excellence for which I was striving.
Many years later, our team has grown, our expertise has been honed and our growth has to be constantly managed. Along with team building, it is important that each new team member understand the underlying principles upon which the company was built.

But as things changed, input from employees increased. I understood as a CEO that to scale our growth and move the needle I needed to listen to the wise contributions from this team of experts assembled. We have since revised the statement of our core values which were this time created with the entire team working together to express who we are and what we will use every day as our determining directives.

We incorporate discussion about these core values in each team meeting. We share them with prospective and existing clients. We use them as we focus on team building. We hire and fire with these principles in mind and we use them as the basis to recognize and reward our team for a job well done.

As an effective CEO leading a team of experts, it is my job to get everyone involved with the vision, to get the right people in the right job and to track performance based on these agreed upon principles. They make up what I consider to be the “Mid-Land Difference” and I’m happy to share them with you here.

SAFETY FOCUSED – Total commitment to critical safety analysis before each and every job and sustaining communication through to completion, thereby engraining safety first in our culture.

INTEGRITY – The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that unify us as an undivided team.

QUALITY DRIVEN – A total commitment to the combined attributes and characteristics by which we are measure based on our customer and team satisfaction.

PROFESSIONALISM – The quality of how we show up to exceed standards, not only to produce greater efficiencies in our work, but also greater participation with our community.

COMMITTED – The dedication and loyalty we give to our family and profession regardless of the challenges we face.

DESIRE TO IMPROVE – Our ability to think critically about our work, striving to always set the bar higher for ourselves personally, the company as a whole and for our industry.

If you would like to work with a team who makes these high standards a reality, contact Mid-Land Enterprises today. From metal building and structural steel erection, expert millwright services to building maintenance with 24/7 services. Mid-Land Enterprises should be your first call.