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Winterizing: Prevent Metal Roof Damage

Winterizing: Prevent Metal Roof Damage

Your metal building is tough. That’s probably a reason you own or rent it in the first place. Unfortunately, “tough” does not mean invincible. Roof inspection and routine maintenance are both needed to keep your building in true peak condition for the long haul.

At Mid-Land Enterprises, we specialize in metal buildings. It’s not too late to winterize your roof, so here are some quick tips (from the experts) to help you get ready for harsh winter weather:

Treat and repaint rust spots to prevent further damage from the ice and snow. Small punctures and scratches make it easy for a winter storm to wreak havoc on your metal roof. Once you’re confident that the roof panels are in good shape (seriously, don’t skip this step), move on to the rest of this list.

Download our Free Roof Maintenance Manual and make sure your roof is ready to weather the storm.

Check the fasteners and caulking at each roof penetration. Roof penetrations are the most common location for leaks. Poorly secured flashings can be easily damaged by high winds or ice.

Make sure all gutters are free of debris and securely fastened to the building. Gutters that are damaged or clogged are a real threat to the lifespan of your building. Water in the wrong place can cause nasty leaks and lead to rust, mildew, and mold.

Be sure that all tree branches and tools have been removed from the roof’s surface to avoid a costly repair later. Debris on the roof can get blown around and damage the paint or puncture the roofing itself.

Need some help getting your roof ready? Give Mid-Land Enterprises a call at 417.782.7168, or download our Free Roof Maintenance Manual and make the job easier for you or your maintenance crew.