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5 Steps to Better Tool Organization

5 Steps to Better Tool Organization

You just saw the tool you need, right over…there…somewhere. But now it’s gone and you can’t finish the job without it. This is a classic scenario in shops and on job sites all over, but that is not a good thing. It costs you and your team time and money – in a lot of different ways. Here’s the good news. This constant frustration doesn’t have to be your reality.

“You had me at ‘good news’. Just show me how to fix this.”

We consider 5 simple steps as we organize our tools. With some problem solving and a little work, you can too. The best part is, once you have the system in place, every single day on the job will be less frustrating and more productive. Let’s talk about one of the key steps in this process.

Prioritizing and Categorizing your tools

The most frustrating tools to lose are the ones you use most frequently. This step is here to help you make a thoughtful decision about the tools you use most. If you five specific tools on every job, it may not make sense to keep them in separate boxes or drawers. If you only use your torque wrench once or twice a month, don’t store it in the way of other tools you use more often. Prioritize tool placement and stop wasting time rustling through your tool box.

Categorizing tools is another important piece of this strategy. Storing and transporting your welding gear all together can save you time and money. If you only work on plumbing projects once or twice a month, put those tools in a box and store it out of the way. It will be ready to go when you are and those tools won’t get lost or clutter your daily workspace.

Starting to think this sounds like it might be the solution you are looking for? You are probably right. We use this strategy in our shop and on our job sites. It makes a big difference in our day-to-day, and we believe it could make a big difference for you and your team too.

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