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3 Benefits of Creating Standard Operating Procedures

3 Benefits of Creating Standard Operating Procedures

Businesses are in one of three phases: Startup, Process or Legacy. The startup phase can be summarized as “the worst fun you’ll ever have.” The legacy part can easily be understood as the founder looking longingly at retirement, but this time, with an actual hope of it coming to pass. In this phase, the succession considerations are made and plans are made to ensure the longevity of the brand. But what can be said about that middle part – the process?

A startup company that has succeeded finally grows out of the small shop where everyone can teach everyone what to do in a relatively short time. With growth and complexity of services comes the need for structuring success. The institutionalizing of Standard Operating Procedures can be a very difficult transition to make. The job of writing policies and procedures is an important task – one that rarely gets its due.

The three main benefits of creating standard operating procedures include:


Great hires are amazing – as long as they work for you. Unfortunately, the minute they are gone much of their knowledge leaves with them. With written procedures, you can reduce the length of training needed to get the next employee up to speed.


A written procedure cannot cover every detail of a project, but it is the best starting place in order to increase delegation. Many on a team can be relied on to get a project done, but having a starting place for each repeated job is helpful when you need someone to get something started and ask questions as they arise. Great efficiency is produced when a written procedure fills in the blanks of some of the basics.


Your star employee is great with people and everyone knows it. But your other employees must learn from their knowledge and tacit way of finding solutions. If everyone is left to make decisions on refunds, scheduling, or even the time that passes before responding to a client’s concerns your brand will suffer. Consistency can only happen for the customer experience with written expectations for your service delivery.

At Mid-Land Enterprises, we’ve worked for years creating quality Standard Operating Procedures for many of our most important tasks. This is why so many regional plants and factories trust our expert crew with outsourced work orders. We can be counted on to do the job the right way the first time. It remains an important part of our success, and we hope you’ll integrate this into the very fabric of your team so you can experience consistent excellence with your entire team.

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