Millwright Reviews

The Mid-Land Millwright division is a group of elite craftsmen. We can be relied on for small or large projects alike. From carving important gears, shafts or other specialized parts to keep your machines working at the highest efficiency, to building large-scale metal projects or providing millwright services, our scope of services make us an obvious choice. We are committed to precision work whether we are machining or installing. In our world, even thousands of an inch make the difference in carefully completed jobs. Our attention to detail is revealed in the quality of work many have come to expect from us. Here is what a few of our clients have to say about this division:

“The project went as planned with a couple of minor adjustments, I’d like to say that if I were to hand pick two guys to go head first into a project it’d be Marshall Miller and Ronnie Phelps. I would stake my job on these two guys. Next would be the two young men that Ronnie brought with him, Trevor and Jake are role model young men for the next generation of millwrights.”

Jerry Chapman

"Mid-Land Enterprises installed a decline conveyor and platform in our facility. Their team lead by Kenny Chiles, worked safely and diligently to deliver quality in a condensed time frame. I always appreciate their flexibility to meet the needs of the facility and willingness to do the right thing while getting the job done.”

Dana Watts

"On the morning of Christmas eve I was asked to help coordinate the work in one of our blast freezers. It was changing out the lower carrousel bearing which isn’t a very easy job. We tried to change this bearing out on the previous weekend but ended up not having the correct bearing. So it was rescheduled for Christmas eve morning. I showed up early that morning around 545 and was meet by one of Midlands leads, Randy. He asked if I was ready to start and I said yes if your team is here lets get going and knock this job out. Now I did question Randy if Kenny was here with him and he stated “No I have 3 other guys here with me and we will do the job just as good as Kenny” I was asking if Kenny was here to take the lead of midlands team because he was involved with the last bearing removal and would know what needed but as I found out he wasn’t going to be there that day. I have to admit I was a little scared because I knew what it took to remove the bearing and replace it. Randy assured me that he went over everything with Kenny prior to coming out to do this job and everything would go smooth. We jumped right into the job of this bearing replacement and yes everything went perfectly smooth, Randy’s team worked as one and stayed involved working together to get this frame work jacked up and safely as possible. Within 4 hours we had the job completed and all parts and tools put away. I cant thank Randy and the team that was with him enough for working safe and completing this job as efficiently as possible."

Ronnie Gilbert

"Mid-Land is great to work with. I use them often and they have never let me down. I have experienced several occasions where I have equipment down and have to call them in on Emergency calls. They have always answered the call, no matter what time it is, they are organized and ready to work in a short period of time. Mid-Land does good quality work and they are first on my list."

Todd Moffett

Mid-Land Enterprises

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